5 eventful years for Connor; law firm founder balances practice with military, more

An Orangeburg law firm is celebrating its fifth year anniversary.

The Bill Connor Law Firm LLC at 1408 Russell St. will hold an open house on Monday, Feb. 13.

“We cannot thank long-term clients enough,” Connor said, reflecting on the past five years. “All of us have a purpose in life which transcends business, and our purpose is to help our clients navigate various important issues.”

Bill Connor

Attorney Bill Connor is marking the five-year anniversary of the Bill Connor Law Firm LLC in Orangeburg.


“Beyond individual cases, we greatly appreciate those who come in to pray with us or keep us up to date with their lives (and the lives of their families),” he said. “As the years role by, it is so rewarding to see the fruits of work on cases in the lives of clients and their families.”

The open house is scheduled from 5 pm to 7 pm The event is being catered by Cindy Smoak. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, drinks and décor will be on display to celebrate the past half decade.

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The Bill Connor Law Firm opened in February 2018 on Center Street in Orangeburg.

Due to an exponential increase in clients, the firm moved to Russell Street in July 2019.

Over the past five years, Connor said the client base has expanded from Orangeburg outward both in and out of the state.

“Russell Street has been a wonderful location right near both the courthouse, the center of Orangeburg and along the main thoroughfare of the City of Orangeburg,” Connor said.

The last five years have also proven challenging.

A retired Army Infantry colonel, Connor operated the law firm while he was on active duty.

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He founded the firm while he was working on his master’s degree in strategic studies from the US Army War College and while handling Federal Support for Emergency responses in South Carolina as the senior officer from Northern Command, Army North.

In 2020, Connor was mobilized to active duty for COVID response for almost five months.

The firm continued to operate and was able to maintain employees and clients through help on various fronts.

Connor said in order to keep operational, he utilized the US Small Business Administration’s Payment Protection Program to loan employees and keep them on payroll.

“Second, I had an amazing staff able to handle many of the administrative matters and yet got with me about questions or issues that had to be answered by a lawyer,” Connor said.

Connor specifically noted his senior paralegal, Doug Thomas, was instrumental in keeping the office running.

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Thomas, an organized minister, has worked in the Orangeburg Post Office for about three decades and spent time as a medical office manager previously.

Connor said the SC Court system was also very understanding about military service “in a way similar to state legislators in pushing back cases.”

Connor said his clients were also understanding of delays during that time and, in some cases, understanding about transferring his duties to other attorneys.

“Lastly, God was very good to us getting through that challenging time and we leaned on him in prayer all the time,” Connor said.

Connor retired from the military after 30 years at the end of 2020.

Beyond his military service, the law firm has continued operating amid Connor changing residences to Mount Pleasant.

It was a move he made several years ago when the last of his three children had gone to The Citadel (and when he was subsequently elected to The Citadel Board).

“We finalized our decision to downsize and move there,” Connor said. “I had and have no intention of moving my Orangeburg office, so I am still connected to the Orangeburg community and don’t mind the over-an-hour commute.”

Connor makes the trip three times a week. He works out of Mount Pleasant on days when he is not in Orangeburg and plans to set up a formal office satellite office soon.

“Our main office will always be in Orangeburg,” he said.

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Connor said the law firm over the past five years has focused on providing the best service all through a Christian ethos.

Connor said those who come to the law firm and need legal assistance will be kept informed of the process as a resolution is worked toward.

“We, as a firm, discuss every case we handle every day at our morning meetings to ensure we are on top of everything,” Connor said. “Our clients are like family and we treat them like that.”

Connor said daily staff meetings end with a Bible passage and prayers for our clients and families.

“With our clients we pray with those who would like to pray about their cases,” Connor said. “In addition to legal advice, we attempt to provide a Christian perspective (to Christian clients who desire it) in counseling them on how to handle cases.”

The firm also has a focus on Christian missions.

Connor’s interpreter while he served in Afghanistan, James Stephens, is a missionary in India.

The law firm supports Stephens in his efforts to bring Bibles to people in the country as well as offering prayers for Stephens and his fellow missionaries.

Over the past five years, Connor has represented various cases in which the issues involved going well beyond the parties to the specific cases.

For example, he has done work for the American Heritage Association protecting American historical monuments.

“One case I am particularly blessed to have represented is for those bravely standing up for deeply held convictions, against the odds and at personal/professional risk, to fight vaccine mandates,” Connor said. “The case is not done yet, but appears very hopeful. I commend those plaintiffs, and believe fighting mandates is fundamentally important for the liberty of all Americans in so many aspects of life.”

The Bill Connor Law Firm is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8:30 am to 2 pm

The law firm specializes in personal injury, probate, civil litigation, business law and general practice law. The firm serves clients in 13 counties.

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