The New ‘Ace Attorney Trilogy’ Release From Capcom Is Out Now on iOS and Android, Old iOS Release Delisted – TouchArcade

Following the announcement from Capcom that it would be delisting the original Ace Attorney Trilogy HD on iOS and Android (no save data carrying over into this new version), the company has released the new version. It was originally announced for just “summer” but has gone live on both iOS and Android as a premium release. The Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was the only modern way to play this excellent trio of games until the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox, and PC version released a few years ago with proper widescreen support, improved audio, and more. That new improved release has made its way to iOS and Android as of right now in the form of Ace Attorney Trilogy ($19.99) with a limited launch discount available until June 15th. Watch the trailer for the new mobile version below:

The Nintendo Switch version of the Ace Attorney Trilogy already has full touchscreen support, so I expected a mobile port much sooner. The Ace Attorney Trilogy is priced at $29.99 on consoles and PC right now with it getting discounted to $14.99 on and off. It is currently $19.99 on iOS and Android. It will go up to $24.99 going by the trailer description above. This is also the first time the trilogy is officially on Android in English. The original iOS trilogy has been delisted. Check out the new Ace Attorney Trilogy on iOS here and Android here. I’m glad to see Capcom finally bring this new trilogy release over, but I really hope they announce a mobile version of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles next. Hopefully that will be coming next. Check out the official website for the new port here. Do you have fond memories of playing Ace Attorney Trilogy HD on iOS and will you be grabbing this version?

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